Dealer Owned Warranty Co.

Money in Hand

We are experts in the formation and management of dealer owned and controlled (ReInsurance) companies. Our dealers can legally and tax compliantly deposit up to $1,200,000 per year in their own portfolio of aftermarket products. There are literally thousands of dealers that have successfully owned their on dealer controlled ReInsurance companies that have created hundreds of millions of dollars of additional income they use to send in to the factories and other after market companies.  Some of our dealers have owned their own dealer-controlled portfolios for over 20 years. How much money are you sending to the factory and other insurance companies? Wouldn't you like to be depositing that money in your own account instead? Why are they partners in your aftermarket products when you are generating all the revenue? Who is paying for all those fancy building and yachts for the owner of those big after market companies and NADA extravaganzas?
The answer is Auto Dealerships.

Vehicle Service Contracts
What is one of our largest payables in the dealership? If you answered Vehicle Service Contracts you are correct. How would you like to deposit that payable into your own dealer controlled ReInsurance Company?

GAP Insurance
Would you like to increase your personal wealth with the addition of dealer owned GAP Insurance? You make the decision of what goes into your own company.

Certify Used Vehicles!
Would you like to reserve $134 per certified vehicle in a tax-protected environment?  Then this program is great for you!

Vehicle Theft ID Protection, Paint, Fabric and Road Hazard, Tire and Wheel
These products have some of the lowest loss relations in the industry when implemented and managed properly. Is this an additional revenue service you have failed to embrace? Let us train your personnel to make this a moneymaker for them and the dealer