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Web-based Menu-Selling System
Menu Vantage is a customizable web-based menu - selling system featuring bi-directional integration with major dealer management systems (DMS). A web-based system averts the need to backup information on the company server - any computer with Internet Explorer can access the system. 

Business Manager, Sales Manger, and Owners have the ability to login from home or vacation to check on performance and compliance 24/7/365 days a year.
Menu Vantage has some of the largest dealer groups nationally as well as GE and other major vehicle service contract providers as clients, this gives FIP a great advantage over our competition to have a partnership with the best web-based menu selling system in the country.

So why go Menu Vantage? It’s simple. You want the fastest, easiest system to use. One that features state of the art DMS Integration and enhanced reporting. You want compliance, accountability, and profitability. You want FIP and Menu Vantage.